What Almost Was: A History Of The Company

When I was trying to come up with a name for the company, I was playing around with the idea of having a Blue Heron as a mascot…

I’ve always loved these birds, and there’s a pretty funny family story involving them as well.  I first came up with the Blue Heron Graphic Design logo and business cards, but alas…I had not googled it yet.  Turns out there’s about eight Blue Heron design companies.

SO, in an attempt to keep my mascot, and with a growing fondness of space-themed names, I slapped a helmet on the heron and created the Lunar Bird Graphic Design logo and business card.  After much consideration, I decided that it may not appeal to a broad enough client base and decided to stick with something a little more simple.  My name.  🙂

This is not to say that the heron won’t show up every now and then…

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