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Graduation Announcement or Grad Card design by Jen Brookman Graphic Design Guys and Girls in high school college and jr high

Professional Graduation Announcement Design Available Now

Live-Screen-Share Design Creates A Meaningful Experience As I Guide You Through Your Grad Card Creation

We are doing a collaboration with my husband’s company, SENIORITY Photography Nashville to help families create stunning and meaningful Graduation Announcements, aka Grad Cards.

For the past 10 years I have LOVED working with JB’s senior families on their grad cards and senior album design. We do this design for his clients who choose one of his collections. I have found that this is an emotional and nostalgic experience for the senior moms and it makes what we create together even more meaningful and special to me.

This gave me the idea to offer this service to the public. Whether it is a high school graduation, jr high graduation or college graduation, you are super proud of your child for their huge accomplishment. You want to send out the best to friends and family and are quite possibly throwing a big graduation party or celebration.

As you probably know, I offer a unique service called Screen Share Sessions, where I allow you to join me as I live-design your creative project while you are on the phone with me- collaborating and being a part of the experience. I am now offering this for Grad Announcement Design!

For a limited time only, I am offering a special for senior moms and dads for grad card design on a screen share for a $50 flat rate.

***TO SET UP GRAD CARD DESIGN: Text “GRAD CARDS” to (310) 710-7224***

As an added bonus, I will also give you access to a few of my professional printer connections and I can even help facilitate payment/ordering through them for the actual printing and envelopes- which can be shipped directly to you (optional).

I can help you design many types of announcements- from traditional announcements on high end paper, to more trendy designs with images of your child on both sides of the card. We can even produce folded cards that have four sides to fill with love or cards where half of it can be torn off and put on family’s refrigerators. I have lots of ideas and I’m sure you do too. You can kick back at home with a glass of wine or a nice desert and we can reminisce and commemorate this milestone together.

I can be fairly flexible with scheduling, including at night after work.

***TO SET UP GRAD CARD DESIGN: Text “GRAD CARDS” to (310) 710-7224***

Congratulations to the Class of 2024!!


PS: If you want the best Senior Pictures in the industry and live near Nashville or want to travel to Nashville for your session, check out SENIORITY and JB Brookman Photography. My husbland is the best!