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Newsletter design and printing

I’ve been involved in the publication of this client’s newsletter for several years!  Each collection of articles comes to me, while the contributors eagerly await the final layout.  Once the initial design has been approved, we create a second version in Spanish!  Once both versions are complete, I send these to press, to be printed using the eco-friendly paper and inks that we chose to represent this brand.  Each version is carefully checked at press, and then packaged and delivered to my client.

Of all the projects I get to do, these publications that occur regularly are among my favorites!  As a designer-client relationship matures, we begin to learn how the other best communicates.  I learn their layout and design preferences, they learn how to deliver the best assets and each piece we create together is even better than the last!

Because these designs contain information about their individual employees, I’m keeping them confidential, to protect their privacy. 🙂  To see my newsletter designs, shoot me an email at jenbrookman@gmail.com!