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Photo Credit: JB Brookman PhotographyI am truly excited about getting to work with LUCA Sunscreen on the design of their beautiful brand new Continuous Spray Sunscreen Can!

LUCA Sunscreen is a hypoallergenic sunscreen company, based on the East Coast who is very health and skin conscious.  Their focus is providing not just a hypoallergenic product, but providing superior UVA in addition to UVB protection and to back up their claims with a critical wavelength which would rate their level of UVA protection.

My first step in the product design process was to do some research in retail stores, markets and pharmacies.  I went to places like CVS and walked the sunscreen aisles, taking note of which colors caught my eye.  I asked myself, “which product would I purchase if I was looking for sunscreen?”  Research is extremely critical in logo design, branding and product design for any company.

I decided that a bright color of orange was the hue that would catch a consumer’s eye and cause them to take action and purchase the product. So, I went about the design process.

This was a new direction in color for LUCA, but, they were extremely receptive to the idea and went forward.  After communicating, back and forth, on wording and product information, we were ready to send the product design to the printer.

The day that LUCA sent me a bottle of their finished Continuous Spray Sunscreen, I was elated.  The printers did such a great job!  I was so happy with the way that everything came out!  Here’s a photo of me and the new bottle:

Photo Credit: JB Brookman Photography

I am currently working with the wonderful people at LUCA on two of their websites.  Website design is something that I get so excited about, because it is so integral to a company’s marketing plan.  In the future, I will be designing a trade show display and business cards for them.

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