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LUCA Lash Eyelash Conditioner & Enhancer – Postcard Design

This postcard was designed for LUCA Lash, a company who has developed an amazing eyelash conditioner and enhancer that causes NO side effects.  It also contains no hormones, so it’s safe enough for cancer patients to use during chemo, which allows them to keep their eyelashes!

I use this product myself.  My eyelashes have never looked better!  I ran into a fun little problem when I started using LUCA Lash over a year ago.  I like to swim pretty often in the summer, knocking out a few miles a week.  There was a point, after using LUCA Lash for a few weeks, where I pulled my goggles down over my eyes, went underwater, blinked, and when I opened my eyes, I was looking through an eyelash curtain!  My lashes actually grew too long for my goggles, and were being pinned down because they were too close to the goggle lenses!  Until that moment, I had noticed my eyelashes looking thicker, but this was solid proof that they had indeed grown significantly!  It was VERY exciting.


Onward and upward!