Le Doux Swimwear – Hang Tag Design

These hang tags were designed for Le Doux Swimwear.  We are in the process of manufacturing them.  They will be custom die cut with rounded corners, custom shapes, and perforations.  The tag with the girl on the surfboard will feature custom silver foil stamping over the bikini, and the black tag with the fuchsia lips will feature Spot UV printing over the text for “Le Doux”.  Contact me for a quote for your hang tag design and manufacturing!  We have also designed Le Doux’s business cards, catalogs, website, note cards, logo, multiple advertisements and postcards…


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  1. Shana at 10:45 am

    These look great. Really nice work.

  2. Antonio at 11:49 am

    I need to design an email campaign (4 to 5 flyers) to be send to Realtors, can you do it, if you can how long will take and the cost?
    In advance thanks a million for your assistance


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