Jen Brookman Graphic Design – Business Cards

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: Jen Brookman Graphic Design’s new business cards!  These cards feature 15pt Silk Lamination paper, Front and Back Spot UV, and custom QR codes.  The paper has a thicker, smoother feel than regular business card paper, and is silky-smooth.  In fact, I’ve been told twice in the past week that the paper has a similar feel and weight to a credit card.  The Spot UV (clear gloss applied after the cards are printed) was applied to selected areas to create the “swoosh” background pattern.  For those with smart phones, use your barcode scanner to scan the QR codes on the back to be directed to and my facebook fan page.  You will even be given the option to call me directly and email me.  Of course, for everyone else, my web and contact info is listed on the back so you can contact me however and whenever you’d like.  Totally stoked to get these in people’s hands!  If you would like a few of these cards, email me your mailing address at

Photography by: JB Brookman Photography

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