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I get several requests each week to be interviewed by design students or to review portfolios. Most commonly, I receive demands to simply answer a student’s list of questions and email them back at my earliest convenience, but before their interview deadline. I love helping new designers find their way and pinpoint the area of design on which they’d like to focus. I’m completely humbled when approached for guidance! I’ve been a designer for 19 years, and have been working for myself for nearly 10. But finding the time for students can be a challenge, with all of the real life deadlines, meetings, conference calls and client/printer juggling that happens in a busy studio.

I believe my love of coffee and I have come up with a great compromise! I would be happy to set aside time for an interview with any student or individual considering a career in Graphic Design in exchange for one $25 Starbucks gift card. This ensures that we’re both committed. This also reinforces that that no one should have to do work for free, a foundational understanding to our industry.

Reach out at jenbrookman@gmail.com if you’d like to schedule a call. That’s also the email address in which to send that sweet, sweet Starbucks cash. 😉