Happy 2nd Birthday, Jen Brookman Graphic Design!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Jen Brookman Graphic Design!

Ah…  the memories…

Here I am, circa 1984, undoubtedly dreaming and working away at some logo sketches or a newsletter layout while visiting my grandparent’s house.  A lot has changed since then.  For instance, I’ve learned to keep my tongue in my mouth as I work!:)  I’ve also grown into my head and I get paid in real money and not just my grandpa’s silver dollar pancakes.

So, fast-forward 25 years…

After design school, I spent a few years freelancing and a few years working at a big design firm in LA, but it was time to go out on my own.  Two years ago today, I launched my graphic design website and started my own company. Within days, I was being contacted by soon-to-be clients who had come across my contact info, one way or another.  The rest is wild, busy and fun history!

The last 730 days have been nothing but incredible!  I’ve worked with some amazing companies and individuals.  I’ve added the ability to design when I am on the road and have been able to create from all over the United States (I’ve driven through almost 30 states, since I started graphic design!).  From New York to Savannah to San Diego and Glacier National Park in Montana- I/we have experienced (and photographed) some amazing sights!  I’m overwhelmingly blessed with cream of the crop clients-turned-friends, and a large array of projects to work on from logos and packaging to newsletters and catalogs.

I also have been able to partner with some of the best printers in the business to become a full-service designer- offering all kinds of printing services.

Thank you to those of you who have hired me for your projects!

Thank you to those who have sent me referrals!

Thank you to those who have cheered me on through tight deadlines and long all-nighters.  I couldn’t ask for better family, friends, clients and cheerleaders!

Huge, HUGE thanks to my husband, portraitist and photographer JB Brookman, who is a deep well of encouragement, wisdom and business know-how.  Thank you for making me (and sometimes taking me to Taco Bell) lunches and the mid-day drives to get me out into the sunshine, when I get a little overly-focused:)  Thank you for the surprise-desk/office-cleanings when I step out.  You are the very best.  🙂

Here’s to another great year at Jen Brookman Graphic Design!


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