Garrett Geyer – Logo Design

I’ve had the opportunity to work on the branding for Garrett Geyer, a young photographer in the Santa Barbara area.

Garrett Geyer’s first Press Pass at age 15 to a rock concert changed his life. The exhilarating rush of adrenaline he experienced from photographing The Smashing Pumpkins led to more gigs and more Press Passes. (His first Press Pass was thanks to The Patricia Henley Foundation and their program Santa Barbara Teen News Network along with Nederlander Concert’s approval).

Over the next few months Garrett’s portfolio burgeoned with photos of rock stars like Katy Perry, Phoenix, Maroon 5, Jack Johnson, Shakira, Stone Temple Pilots, Thievery Corporation, OK Go, The Black Crowes, Passion Pit and Rebelution.

Photography and art is second nature to Garrett as he comes from a long line of professional artists. His sister, grandfather and great-grandmother’s photography influenced his own work. His keen eye for design and composition come from the modern artwork influences from his father, grandmother, grandfather and his great-grandfather. JB Brookman of Hollywood Icon Magazine has been a special mentor throughout this exciting time.

Garrett likes to “go macro” or get up close and get personal. His motto “the closer, the better” is reflected in his pictures. He hopes his photographic profiles of the rock stars give viewers a greater appreciation for the music of our times.

In appreciation of Janet B. Matthews for her constant encouragement and in memory of Patricia Henley for her strength and support to give teens a passion and voice for our future.

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