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9 Reasons You Should Do Your Printing, Through Your Graphic Designer

1. Quality.  You value your business and clients.  You spend 40-60 hours a week, working hard on your business and taking care of those clients.  You want your business printing (newsletters, brochures, folders, business cards, stationery) to represent the care and effort you put into your company.


There is no way to better represent your company, than with quality print products.  You should be putting forth a concerted effort to make sure they are well-crafted and ultra-professional!  What could be a better feeling, than seeing someone have a positive reaction to your marketing or informational printed material?  The quality of the paper used, design, inks, coatings and cuts- all factors into your overall presentation.


There is no better person to be in charge of your “quality control,” than your graphic designer.  They are “in the arena,” communicating every day with printers and keeping up to date with the latest trends, in making your designs come to life.

Use your graphic designer for your printing needs.  Design: Jen Brookman Graphic Design
Use your graphic designer for your printing needs. Design: Jen Brookman Graphic Design


2.  Color.  Color is vital to quality printing.  The amount of possible shades and hues in printing is vast and complicated.  Your goal should be to have an exact color match– which is even, across all of your print products.  You need to work with someone who is an expert in color matching.  It also helps to work with someone who is familiar with each particular printer and can educate you on the possible variations in print.


There are two ways to go, in the color arena.  In regular printing, there will always be some slight variation in color.  But, you do have the option to pay a bit extra, to upgrade your printing and have an exact color match.  Be sure and discuss this, with your graphic designer!  The options are almost limitless!


3.  Relationship.  This one is simple:  Your graphic designer is going to have a long, well-established relationship with solid vendors.  They will have increased knowledge of paper-types, print options, paper cut options, inks and finishes.


Don’t overlook the simplicity of this reason, though.  Relationship is everything.  You know how vitally important your print material is, to you.  Why would you leave it, to chance?  Work with someone who is established…  dependable…  professional…  and has a system, in place!


4.  Design.  There are times when a graphic designer and printer will collaborate on design.  Because of the intricacies of printing, there are times when a certain style of printing will necessitate a change in design.  Again, this is where relationship, is everything!


An example of this, might be if you were creating folders.  While going directly to a printer might create a decent product, working with an established graphic-printing team, would create magic!  The printer might suggest an embossed logo, stamped into the folder.  The designer would be able to create the shading and angles, necessary to make the embossing really pop!  We see this happen frequently, in the business.

Ventura County Printing and Graphic Design.  Design by: Jen Brookman Graphic Design
Ventura County Printing and Graphic Design. Design by: Jen Brookman Graphic Design


5.  Speed.  Have a deadline, that you HAVE to have materials by?  Do you have an important meeting or event, coming up?  Your graphic designer can timeline your project and give you very real expectations, for the finish of your product.  They can work with their own printer, to know how much real time, your project will take.  They will not be fooled by promises that so many companies give today.  Because they have been in the industry for years, they know real-life time tables!


It is better to have a deadline, for the completion of your design- than to have a designer make you promises that will not end in an “on-time” product.  Your designer should have the end result in mind, before agreeing to start a project with you.  This is the distinct advantage of a one-stop-shop!


6.  Peace of Mind.  When you have an important project, you want to be able to send it off and know that it will be completed- professionally and on-time!  It is important to take the time and research a graphic designer.  Make sure that you choose a designer, who has an extensive portfolio and has client reviews, on their website.  Check out their Facebook business (Fan) page.  Be sure that they have an understanding of print and experience in foiling, embossing and spot UV.  Be sure that the designer is easy to get a hold of- is responsive with phone calls, emails and screen-shares.  You want to be able to sleep at night and a great designer will take care of most of your worries!


Custom design and die cut business cards by Jen Brookman Graphic Design

7.  Brand.  In business, your brand is all you have.  Your brand controls the way your customers see and experience your company.  You need an established graphic designer who can put together a cohesive package of all of your printed material:  Logo, Business Cards, Stationary, Envelopes, Facebook Business Page Header, Twitter Header, Folders, Newsletters, Handouts, etc.


Your colors and logo should be consistent and creatively placed.  All of your material should be in line with your company Mission Statement and Vision Statement and in line with your Business Plan.  The way that your branding is printed, is also part of the graphic designer- printer relationship.

Ventura County Graphic Designer, Jen Brookman, will take care of all your printing needs.
Ventura County Graphic Designer, Jen Brookman, will take care of all your printing needs.


8.  Continuity.  If you take a little bit of the other nine reasons, on this blog post, you will explain what continuity is.  Take some creativity, add some branding… take advantage of the relationship with the printer… factor in solid color, paper, texture and design elements- and there you have it.  Consistency and continuity is achieved by working consistently, with the same designer and printer.  Your clients will see the same style, all the way through your online and print pieces.  What does this do for you?  It brings you the right client- customers who love your work and are gladly willing to pay your prices.


9.  Creativity.  Have you ever thought of all of the possible printing options, that you have?  Some of these remarkable options, can help your business make money!  Your graphic designer can help you add features like Spot UV, Foil Stamping, Embossing, different paper types and different cuts (rounded corners, etc.).  This level of creativity can be the difference between a potential client reading your material or throwing it away.


About the author:  Jen Brookman is a Westlake Village/Franklin/Nashville Graphic Designer, who also does full service printing.  

With over a decade of graphic design experience and a large international client base, Jen Brookman has worked with a vast array of business owners and companies. But, it is her heart for helping people and strong knowledge of business and marketing that make her stand out from the rest.

Jen is a wonderful communicator. She takes the time to listen to her valued clients and asks strong questions that uncover their wants and needs. The result is a relationship-based experience that leaves the client satisfied and excited with their design or project.

Jen’s design experience has included working as a Freelance Artist and working at a large Los Angeles design firm as a Project Manager and Senior Graphic Designer. Her experience has allowed her to assemble a team of designers and artists to cover any client’s needs.

There is no corporation too large or start-up company too small for Jen Brookman Graphic Design. She has worked with major Fortune 500 companies such as Verizon Wireless and Remax, as well as small start-ups and individuals. 

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